Look at all the cool stuff I've made!

Pinetree Garden Seeds

A multi-million dollar DTC ecommerce company. The site is developed and maitained on the Shopify Plus platform. Built on a barebones theme to allow easy customization for the many unique needs of the company. Lots of custom liquid and javascript.

Black Heart Private Dining

Did you know I'm also a chef? This is the site for my private dining company. This is good old vanilla html, css, and js.

Thomas Hill Garden Design

A site built for a local garden designer/landscaper. He previously had no online presence so the goal here was create a simple site where potential customers could view past work and to create one point of contact for him. Built with Gatsby, Styled Components,

This Website

That's right, I even built my own portfolio website. This is built on Nextjs with sanity.io for the CMS.