About me!

Hi, I'm Jef Wright, a front-end developer/designer in Portland, Maine. I started out as a chef. I went to culinary school and worked at some amazing restautants in Atlanta, Philadelphia, NYC, and Portland, most recently as executive chef at Sur Lie. I got interested in web development about 10 years ago and have been doing it freelance and for my seed company but recently decided to pursue it full time. I still love food and cooking but I do it on my own schedule now.

I love solving problems. I love to figure out how things work. I love to take things apart and put them back together. I love learning new things. I love to build things. I love finding lost things. I love solving puzzles and riddles. I love noticing the details.

My wife and I moved to Maine about 10 years ago (she grew up here) and we took over her family's seed company, Pinetree Garden Seeds. This is where I realized that I loved development. I also worked on our email marketing as well as creating copy and designing marketing assets for email and social media. I've worked quite a bit on the design and marketing side as well as doing photography. I taught myself html from reading the code in html emails that I was trying to customize. After realizing how interesting I found it I took some online courses to actually learn it along with css and javascript. I've since moved into the world of react, currently working a lot with Nextjs and Gatsby.